Singapore Map and Street Directory App

Fear of missing out on a part of Singapore. Now with this Singapore Map Street Directory mobile app, you will not be missing out on anything. We have got the latest map and the latest location in Singapore.

The Singapore Map Street Directory is a MUST have App for anyone and everyone. It is the easiest to use the street directory and map of Singapore. And it is a very simple and user-friendly mobile app that is used by people every day.

It is highly recommended and trusted by property agents, sales agents, vehicle owners, logistics drivers, and people who use Singapore maps often. And it is currently the go-to street directory everyone preferred. It is built with the latest map of Singapore and feature only what you need. And the information is accurately extracted from the official source.

We have digitalized the old Street Directory with an upgrade which churns out The Singapore Map Street Directory mobile App. It brings back the nostalgic street directory usage and user experience and works like the old Street Directory but better.

We believe in user experience in using any mobile apps. Hence we have built the mobile app to be away from irritating Ads at the main core feature. Therefore there are No Irritating Ads!!! There are No irritating pop-ups!!! And best of all it is the BEST app so far with people downloading and using it every day!!!

Exciting Feature

  • The most up-to-date Singapore street directory and maps
  • Accurate information
  • Zoom function using pinching or manually
  • Real-time tracking of current location
  • Real-time bus timing
  • Latest Bus-stops
  • Fast loading map
  • Search for addresses with postal codes
  • Search for addresses with building names
  • Search for addresses with bus stop number


All information are gathered directly from the official authority of Singapore.

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We have to mention that for the monetary revenue of this Mobile App, we have included advertisement in the App itself. However as we so believe in the user experience in using the App, we will try not include it in the main core functions of the App. As these Ads may prove to be irritating and disrupt the user experience. We apologise if these Ads cause an inconvenience to the user.