Singapore Bus Arrival App

Singapore Bus Arrival is the easiest and friendliest Mobile App to view the arrival timing of the bus. It is great for Singapore Locals and tourists who are in Singapore for a short tour. And it contains the latest map from the authority of Singapore.

It is designed for everyone to use. Everyone from even first-time visitors to experienced commuters will be able to use this Mobile App.

We believe in user experience in using any mobile apps. Hence we have built the mobile app to be away from irritating Ads at the main core feature. Therefore there are No Irritating Ads!!! There is No irritating pop-up!!! And best of all it is the BEST app so far with people downloading and using it every day!!!

This is a very simple usable app.
– Bookmarked your most frequently used bus stop for easy reference
– Search any bus stop from any location in Singapore
– Search any bus route
– Get the latest bus arrival timing

Exclusive features
* No Irritating Ads!!!
* No Irritating Pop-up!!!
* Get Bus Route
* Great for Singapore Locals and Tourist use

All information is extracted from LTA, SMRT, and SBS official Singapore source

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Singapore Bus Arrival



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We have to mention that for the monetary revenue of this Mobile App, we have included advertisement in the App itself. However as we so believe in the user experience in using the App, we will try not include it in the main core functions of the App. As these Ads may prove to be irritating and disrupt the user experience. We apologise if these Ads cause an inconvenience to the user.