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Welcome to our offline Singapore MRT maps App.

Singapore’s MRT system is extending. By 2030, the MRT system will be more complex than you could imagine.

It’s good for all residents on our lovely island.

And it also will be a problem because we don’t know how to travel the fastest when transferring stations.

We believe in user experience in using any mobile apps.

Hence we have built the mobile app to be away from irritating Ads at the main core feature.

Therefore there are No Irritating Ads!!! There are No irritating pop-ups!!!

Best of all it is the BEST app so far with people downloading and using it every day!!!

We have the most comprehensive up-to-date and the friendliest to use MRT Map of Singapore. Great for Singapore Locals and tourists use.

It has the latest offline Singapore MRT & LRT map with no data needed. And it is designed for everyone from even the first-time visitors to experienced commuters.

This App uses High-Resolution Singapore MRT & LRT map and it works without an internet connection

It is excellent for people who travel in Singapore MRT & LRT on North-South, East-West, North East, Circle Line, Downtown Line, Thomson Line, and all LRT networks.

Exclusive features:
* Fully FREE
* No Irritating Ads!!!
* Deep Zoom!!!
* Extreme High Resolution!!!
* Landscape Mode
* Great for Singapore Locals and Tourist use

Information are taken from LTA, SMRT, and SBS Singapore and this App is not the official App of LTA, SMRT, and SBS

The term MRT in Singapore may be known as Underground, Tube, Subway, Metro in another country.

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We have to mention that for the monetary revenue of this Mobile App, we have included advertisement in the App itself. However as we so believe in the user experience in using the App, we will try not include it in the main core functions of the App. As these Ads may prove to be irritating and disrupt the user experience. We apologise if these Ads cause an inconvenience to the user.

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